5 Ways to Speed Up Your Applicant Response Time

Liz Dillon

It’s something we hear a lot: “We’re getting a good deal of applicants but my store managers are still complaining about not having any candidates…what gives?”

Your response time. One of the biggest culprits behind low app flow is slow response time. We’ve rounded up 5 tips and Snag Recruiting – Enterprise features that’ll help your store-level managers speed up their response times and get back in touch with great applicants faster.

5 ways to speed up store managers’ response times

1. Switch to the new dashboard view

We designed this dashboard specifically to help store managers see and follow-up with new applicants quickly. The first thing managers see when they log in is a big number telling them how many new applicants they’ve got…along with a quick link that takes them straight to where they can review the applications.

Dashboards are mobile-optimized, so managers can bookmark this page and check it right from the floor. Make it policy or a business best practice to check this dashboard at least 2x per shift. You can even add the dashboard as an icon/app on your phone’s home screen to make this even easier. 

2. Download our free manager mobile app

Did you know Snag has a free mobile app managers can use to view, evaluate and respond to new applicants instantly? Download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store (you can also search for “PeopleMatter”). From the app, managers can easily see all applicants they still need to review, including a condensed profile view that helps managers prioritize which applicants to follow up with first.

Clicking on an any applicant gives managers more details, including links to call, email or text applicants right there. You can also open the full application from here if you need to drill deeper. Check out this how-to on viewing applicants from the mobile app.



What else can you do with the app? Snag’s free PeopleMatter mobile app has tons of great features. Everything from messaging to Milestones to our cool Snapchat-for-I-9-documentation feature. Check out this KB article for a quick run-down of features helpful for managers. Or catch our on-demand Best Practices training webinar for a great app crash course!

3. Enable real-time applicant alerts

You can also set up real-time applicant alerts, so you’ll know the second someone submits a job application. Get a mobile push notification for every new applicant or set up alerts for specific jobs and/or locations. Maybe ones that are particularly tough to fill or you need someone in STAT.


We’re also rolling out email alerts for New Applicants this October. This has been a huge feature request, so we’re pumped to deliver this one to you. With it, managers will be able to opt into getting an automatic email sent straight to their inbox for all new applicants. Emails include all the info managers need to make a go/no-go decision on applicants right then.

  • First Name
  • Location Applied To
  • Job Applied For
  • Availability
  • Phone Number
  • Link to Applicant Record

The sooner you see a great applicant, the sooner you can respond and get them in for an interview. Period.

4. Turn on the New Applicant & Request Interview message templates

Respond to qualified applicants in a click. Pre-built, customizable email templates make it easy to follow-up with applicants without managers having to spend time writing up a response to each one.

From Company Settings>Message Templates, we suggest turning on the New Applicant and the Request Interview templates. You can use our default version or customize it to sound more like your brand. The New Applicant email lets applicants know they haven’t gone into a black hole, and Request Interview helps you move the best ones to the next step immediately.


5. Use a recruiting chatbot for the ultimate applicant response time

Take response times and overloaded store managers out of your recruiting equation altogether. Our recruiting AI chatbot, SARA, condenses the entire apply, pre-screening and interview-scheduling process into a friendly, 45-second, wonderfully speedy live chat conversation. Click play to see her in action!


Let’s get going!


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