From the Frontlines: Meet Jordan Webb

Liz Dillon

We love a good worker success story. And this one’s got all the feels.

Meet Jordan Webb

When we first talked to Jordan Webb, he was homeless. He was also unemployed, which is where Snag came in. Jordan had applied to be a worker in our Snag Work network in DC. We screen all Snag Work applicants, and our own Elise Gibson followed up with Jordan for an initial phone conversation.

During the call, Jordan mentioned he was currently unemployed but extremely interested in picking up shifts through Snag Work and getting back into the workforce. We talk with candidates all day, every day, and Jordan’s drive definitely stood out. Even through an iPhone

He was so pumped for the opportunity, he asked to come in that day for an in-person interview—as soon as we could squeeze him in to talk to him. And it wasn’t until Elise suggested he run home and change into some business-professional clothing before coming onsite did Jordan mention exactly why he was so excited for this opportunity: He was currently homeless and—in addition to looking for an hourly job—was also looking for stable housing.

An hour and a half after chatting on the phone, Jordan was in our offices for his in-person interview. And 45 minutes after that, Jordan was HIRED onsite, on the spot, as our newest Snag Work Snagger!

“Thanks to Elise’s huge heart and compassion to our workers, she was able to help facilitate that next step for someone who really needed it. Its success stories like this one that make me love my job and the people here who are truly making a difference each day. #fire”

Christy Connor, Senior Recruiting Specialist | Snag Work


Needless to say, our own team was pretty pumped for Jordan….

It’s stories like this that make us so proud of what we do every day—and it’s all thanks to you, our customers, who choose to put your jobs on Snag. You’re making a big difference in a big way.


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