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These are unprecedented and unimaginable times. Businesses are having to make tough decisions regarding their day-to-day operations, their staff and how to move forward in the weeks to come. In many cases, the hardest decisions are about people—streamlining to only essential staff and laying off valuable employees.


I understand that your staff is one of your most valuable assets to your business.  Decisions regarding employee layoffs are never easy to make. At Snagajob we are in the business of people. With 20 years of experience helping workers and employers connect, we understand the importance of this relationship. 


Because of COVID-19, businesses are having to make a lot of hard decisions.  You’re not in this alone.  If you’re faced with laying off employees, we’ve created a resource center for workers. They’ll find information on COVID-19, resources for dealing with being laid off and jobs that are urgently hiring across the country. We’ve curated job postings that are immediately hiring to help support their community.


You can direct your staff to this site so that they can quickly get back to working as we all navigate the impact of COVID-19 on business, workers and communities. Snagajob is here to help now and when things get back to business as usual.



Candace Nicolls

Senior Vice President People, Snagajob


Black Box Intelligence and Snagajob presents: Planning for the Restaurant Rebound
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