What People Are Saying: Top tweets from HourMinds 2018

Amber Shiflett


HourMinds 2018 has been full of inspiring stories from HR rockstars and actionable takeaways to help you grow your business. This year’s theme was “leading the era in flexible work” and 3 common topics that we kept hearing about were: how to get the most out of flexible work, the impacts of underemployment and attracting talent through your culture. So, we took to Twitter to see what all the buzz is about.

Getting the most out of flexible work is a must

More than 30% of millennials are involved in the flexible economy. @snag #HourMinds

— Katie Bardaro (@EconomistKatie) May 1, 2018



“There’s only one metric that any company in this industry should care about when it comes to technology: making hires.” Amen, brother. #HourMinds

— Matt Charney (@mattcharney) May 1, 2018



@snag got the memo that titles are being replaced by bags of skills as their new platform is moving from position based mapping to skills based mapping. #skillspaythebills #HourMinds

— Katie Bardaro (@EconomistKatie) May 1, 2018


To understand underemployment is to understand employment

38% of the hourly workforce are underemployed #HourMinds @Snag #hellowork pic.twitter.com/daRE61rtS6

— Kimbra Fox (@KimbraFox) May 1, 2018



Great lineup of panelists to talk about underemployment @Snag #HourMinds pic.twitter.com/oylDr5nzFW

— Rebecca Warren (@Rebeccajc2) May 1, 2018



.@EconomistKatie speaking on the #Underemployment Problem panel from earlier today. #HourMinds pic.twitter.com/FVGynTftkL

— Snag (@Snag) May 1, 2018



42 million US workers are 1099; number of independent contractors will increase to 65 million by 2020. That means 34% of all workers work more than one job. #HourMinds

— Matt Charney (@mattcharney) May 1, 2018


Culture is what attracts and keeps talent

Interesting. @shakeshack hires “warm personalities” per @pegrubenzer #HourMinds @snag #hellowork pic.twitter.com/YFEJmYQzUe

— Kimbra Fox (@KimbraFox) May 1, 2018



@pegrubenzer’s presentation at #HourMinds gave tremendous insight on Employee Engagement and the culture at Shake Shack. Great takeaways! Thanks for sharing! https://t.co/rYhUPN27He

— Jessica George (@IFillURJobs) May 1, 2018



.@Snag added 1 MM new users in January; last year they had 60 M unique users. That means 75% of hourly workers in US have used @Snag in the last year. Pretty good market share. #HourMinds

— Matt Charney (@mattcharney) May 1, 2018



Author and speaker @mikeganino signing books and sharing his knowledge about company culture #HourMinds @snag pic.twitter.com/12lmks7Ibk

— Kimbra Fox (@KimbraFox) May 1, 2018



.@bernardcoleman3 from @Uber dropping gems on how to create a diverse AND inclusive workplace. #Diversity #HourMinds pic.twitter.com/Crd2y2PWnB

— The Rock It! Co. (@therockitco) May 2, 2018



By the year 2045, this country will be majority minority so don’t keep kicking the can down the road when it comes to D&I. @bernardcoleman3 #HourMinds

— Katie Bardaro (@EconomistKatie) May 2, 2018



.@bernardcoleman3 on the importance of setting thoughtful goals that are achievable. #HourMinds pic.twitter.com/kSqjotb9GS

— Snag (@Snag) May 2, 2018



If you include workers, they will feel more engaged because they can bring their whole selves to work. @bernardcoleman3 #HourMinds

— Katie Bardaro (@EconomistKatie) May 2, 2018



Engagement can be improved with inclusion and #diversity. @bernardcoleman3 sharing a comprehensive approach #HourMinds @snag #hellowork #uber pic.twitter.com/g0FHeKTpfq

— Kimbra Fox (@KimbraFox) May 2, 2018



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