Weekly Hourly Hiring Report 6/23/2020

June 23, 2020 Mathieu Stevenson

Snagajob is here to help you navigate the hourly hiring landscape during this pandemic. Our proprietary data gives us a unique perspective on hourly job trends and we can see how both workers and employers are responding in real-time. One of the most valuable things we can offer you is a view into these insights and hiring trends. We’re here to give you helpful context as you make business decisions. 




Jobs are up 4% week over week, and down 32% from pre-pandemic norms in early March. While jobs are coming back, their growth is impacted by the rise in COVID-19 cases in a few key states.


This week is a mixed bag. Some brands are navigating more layoffs due to weak consumer demand. On the other hand, McDonald’s announced they’re hiring 260,000 people this summer. 


In fact, 88% of businesses who normally do summer hiring plan to again this year. If you’re planning on hiring soon, here are a few ideas to help you get started:


How to write effective job descriptions

How to communicate with workers in the new normal


Adding to the complexity is the varying COVID risk by location. 


Monitor COVID-19 in your area




All industry data is from 3/2/20-6/23/20


Here are the latest job numbers by industry:


Grocery jobs are up 22% overall and flat week over week.


Warehouse and logistics jobs are up 183% overall and up 41% week over week.


Quick service restaurant (QSR) jobs are down 23% overall, flat week over week.


Sit-down restaurant jobs are down 45% overall, up 3% week over week.


Hospitality jobs are down 69% overall and up 1% week over week.


On-demand jobs are down 58% overall, up 9% week over week.


Retail jobs are down 37% overall, up 2% week over week.


Healthcare jobs are up 8% overall and flat week over week.


Convenience store jobs are down 25% overall and flat week over week.

What’s happening across America


All state data is from 3/2/20-6/23/20


This week, we’ve focused on Florida, Texas and Arizona because their COVID risk is on the rise. 


In Daytona Beach, FL, hospitality jobs are down 100%, retail jobs are down 21% and sit-down restaurant jobs are down 57%.


In Houston, TX, hospitality jobs are down 80%, on-demand jobs are down 69% retail jobs are down 48% and sit-down restaurant jobs are down 51%.


In Phoenix, AZ, grocery jobs are up 86%, warehouse and logistics jobs are up 29%, hospitality jobs are down 77% and retail jobs are down 62%.


Michigan’s COVID risk is lower and they continue to manage the spread.


In Detroit, MI, grocery jobs are up 46%, healthcare jobs are up 13%, hospitality jobs are down 40%, sit-down jobs are down 35% and retail jobs are down 1%.




Google searches for part-time jobs are down 43% since early March and down 10% week over week. 

The bottom line


The rise in COVID-19 cases in certain states has created a mixed bag of hiring trends across the country. Job growth is happening differently across industries and geographies.  


As always, we continue to monitor the situation and talk to hourly workers and employers to see how they’re feeling. 

About the Author

Mathieu Stevenson

Mathieu Stevenson is the Chief Executive Officer of Snagajob. Appointed in 2019 after previously serving as Snagajob’s Chief Marketing Officer, Mathieu and his team are focused on using data and AI to realize the vision of becoming the first truly on-demand platform for hourly work, instantly connecting millions of hourly workers with hiring employers. Mathieu brings deep technology and marketplace experience across venture owned and public companies, including leadership roles at McKinsey & Company, HomeAway Inc (NASDAQ: AWAY), and most recently, Blucora Inc (NASDAQ: BCOR) where Mathieu served as Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer. Mathieu and his wife Catie have three active, young boys. The family is enjoying their new home and community in Richmond, VA. Mathieu is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and attended the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University where he received his Masters of Business Administration. His first hourly job was as a lifeguard.

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