Weekly Hourly Hiring Report 4/21/2020

April 21, 2020 Mathieu Stevenson

Navigating the hourly hiring landscape during this pandemic is still new to all of us. At Snagajob, our proprietary data gives us a unique perspective on hourly job trends. We can see how both workers and employers are responding in real-time. One of the most valuable things we can offer you is a view into these insights and hiring trends. Our intention is to give you helpful context as you make business decisions in this uncertain time, and as you begin planning to reopen. 


Total jobs are down 45% since the beginning of March, down only an additional 5% week over week as employers have assessed demand and staffed accordingly.
74% of businesses are actively building their restaffing strategy. 37% of businesses plan to rehire all of their staff back before they reopen, but 52% of furloughed workers plan to find new opportunities.


  • Warehousing jobs are still rising, up 232% since the beginning of March and up 118% in the last week.
  • Sit-down restaurants saw their lowest number of job postings in the last week, down an additional 9%, which is a 76% decline from early March.
  • Quick-service restaurant jobs remain the same from last week, but are still down 27% since March 2.
  • Convenience store jobs are down 30% as compared to pre-coronavirus norms, yet holding steady week of week.

What’s happening across America

  • South Carolina was the last state to issue a stay-at-home order and we are seeing them rapidly mirror COVID-19 job trends nationally. Greenville saw sit-down restaurant jobs fall 85% and grocery jobs spike up 178% since the beginning of March, most of which was realized in the past two weeks.
  • New York City residents continue to take their shelter-in-place and curfew orders seriously—turning to eCommerce instead of retail, which has driven warehouse and logistics jobs up 926% since March 2.
  • Seattle was hit early with COVID-19 and took bold measures to stop the spread. They’ve seen grocery jobs level out, but the need for on-demand jobs (like food delivery) continues to grow, up 44% since early March.
  • Tennessee residents were just recently ordered to stay home, and like South Carolina, they’re starting to see the shift. Chattanooga saw a 125% increase in grocery jobs since the beginning of March and an 84% decrease in on-demand jobs as people try to limit social interactions.
  • Phoenix has seen the job impact of a sharp decline in tourism, where retail jobs are down 64% and hospitality jobs are down 78% since early March.


Despite a slight spike in searches on 4/14, there’s been a steady decline in Google searches for full-time and part-time jobs, leveling them out from early last week. Overall, searches for full-time jobs are down 15% since early March and searches for part-time jobs are down 66%.


The bottom line

The impact of COVID-19 on jobs is a national story that’s being felt differently across industries and geographies. As we see leading indicators and key learnings from different markets, we will share so that you can make business plans based on what’s happening in similar market conditions.

As always, we continue to talk to hourly workers and employers to see how they’re feeling about the situation. You can find that information in our weekly COVID-19 infographic.



About the Author

Mathieu Stevenson

Mathieu Stevenson is the Chief Executive Officer of Snagajob. Appointed in 2019 after previously serving as Snagajob’s Chief Marketing Officer, Mathieu and his team are focused on using data and AI to realize the vision of becoming the first truly on-demand platform for hourly work, instantly connecting millions of hourly workers with hiring employers. Mathieu brings deep technology and marketplace experience across venture owned and public companies, including leadership roles at McKinsey & Company, HomeAway Inc (NASDAQ: AWAY), and most recently, Blucora Inc (NASDAQ: BCOR) where Mathieu served as Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer. Mathieu and his wife Catie have three active, young boys. The family is enjoying their new home and community in Richmond, VA. Mathieu is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and attended the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University where he received his Masters of Business Administration. His first hourly job was as a lifeguard.

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