Weekly Hourly Hiring Report 5/19/2020

May 19, 2020 Mathieu Stevenson

Snagajob is here to help you navigate the hourly hiring landscape during this pandemic. Our proprietary data gives us a unique perspective on hourly job trends and we can see how both workers and employers are responding in real-time. One of the most valuable things we can offer you is a view into these insights and hiring trends. We’re here to give you helpful context as you make business decisions and begin to reopen. 




Consumer demand is on the rise across the board. This week, job postings reflect a cautiously optimistic approach to staffing as businesses navigate the rebound and adhere to state occupancy guidelines.


49 states are now at least in Reopen Phase 1, which has caused a 12% increase in jobs in the last two weeks as businesses reopened. As many states venture into Phase 2, employers are holding steady on staffing to assess consumer demand—job postings are flat week over week.


Jobs are still down 36% from March 2nd, but we predict we’ll see more jobs available in the near future.


Our weekly survey data supports what we’re seeing in job postings:

  • 63% of employers are hiring back former workers 
  • 72% of employers are changing how they staff, allowing for more flexibility
  • 66% of employers are staffing based primarily on consumer demand


All industry data is from 3/2/20-5/19/20

Businesses are reopening and staffing slowly to consumer demand. Most industries have evened out, with the majority seeing stable numbers this week.

Retail and shopping

  • Convenience store jobs are down 31% overall, flat week over week.
  • Grocery jobs are still in high demand, up 20% overall, flat week over week. 
  • Retail jobs are down 42% overall, flat week over week.
  • Warehouse and logistics jobs are up 584% overall, but saw a big decline, down 219% week over wee


  • Quick service restaurant (QSR) jobs are down 24% overall, also with no change this week.
  • Full service restaurant (FSR) jobs are down 61% overall, with no change this week.


  • Healthcare jobs have started to grow again, up 4% overall and up 7% this week.

On demand

  • On-demand jobs are down 68% overall, with no change this week.

What’s happening across America

All state data is from 3/2/20-5/19/20


In Florida, where beaches and tourism have been reopened, there are new signs of life. In Daytona Beach, hospitality jobs are up 17% overall. Sit-down restaurant jobs are down 75% and grocery jobs are up 38%. Retail is also slow to return to normal, as jobs are still down 25%.


Massachusetts was one of the last states to reopen, and Boston jobs reflect the impact. Hospitality jobs are down 96% in the popular spring and summer travel destination. Warehouse and logistics jobs continue to grow as residents rely on eCommerce and delivery, up 1855% overall.


As Texas enters Phase 2, consumer demand is slowly returning. In Houston, grocery jobs are up 83%. On-demand services are only down 27% and retail jobs are down 52%, with stores allowed to open with reduced occupancy guidelines.


Washington, despite being one of the first states to lock down, has yet to resume “normal” behavior. Retail jobs are down 68%, full service restaurant jobs are down 70% and hospitality jobs are down 78%. However, warehouse and logistics jobs are up 329% as residents rely on deliveries and eCommerce.




Searches for part-time jobs are down 5% week over week, and up 13% since their COVID-19 low on 4/12. The majority of searches are for part-time jobs rather than full-time.

The bottom line


Consumer demand is slowly coming back as the country reopens and continues to loosen restrictions. Businesses are hiring gradually, starting with their former employees, as everyone waits to see how things play out.  


As always, we continue to talk to hourly workers and employers to see how they’re feeling about the situation. You can find that information in our weekly COVID-19 infographic.


About the Author

Mathieu Stevenson

Mathieu Stevenson is the Chief Executive Officer of Snagajob. Appointed in 2019 after previously serving as Snagajob’s Chief Marketing Officer, Mathieu and his team are focused on using data and AI to realize the vision of becoming the first truly on-demand platform for hourly work, instantly connecting millions of hourly workers with hiring employers. Mathieu brings deep technology and marketplace experience across venture owned and public companies, including leadership roles at McKinsey & Company, HomeAway Inc (NASDAQ: AWAY), and most recently, Blucora Inc (NASDAQ: BCOR) where Mathieu served as Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer. Mathieu and his wife Catie have three active, young boys. The family is enjoying their new home and community in Richmond, VA. Mathieu is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and attended the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University where he received his Masters of Business Administration. His first hourly job was as a lifeguard.

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