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ABC Always Be Compliant

Compliance doesn’t need to be complicated.

“If you are not completing I-9s accurately and timely, you’re breaking the law right out of the gate. It’s not a question of ‘should or should not.’ This is a must-do.”
— Peter Allen, I-9 compliance specialist

As any manager can tell you, the Form I-9 is one of the last steps before a new hire can get to work. Failure to complete this paperwork, or even a simple mistake on the form, can lead to hefty fines, federal audit or even arrest.

Filling out these forms shouldn’t feel like a gamble, especially if you’re constantly hiring across several locations. In Snag’s free guide, ABC: Always be compliant, you’ll get 5 best practices that will keep your business’s onboarding consistent and compliant, including:

  • How to designate and train an “HR coach” to be your in-house I-9 expert
  • The smartest ways to securely store paperwork for future reference or potential audits
  • Why an automatic approach can take the pressure off you and your managers
I-9 Compliance Case Study
I-9 Compliance Case Study

It’s really easy to get I-9 compliance wrong. Decentralized hiring, high turnover and more non-U.S. workers...

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