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Your Complete Google for Jobs Checklist

Google’s new job search tool makes it easy for your job seekers to find the right hourly position—optimizing your jobs for Google so they’ll show up in it is not quite as simple.

Posting on pre-optimized sites, like Snag, is the easiest way to ensure your jobs are pulling into Google’s job search widget and reaching the most applicants. If you’re looking to optimize jobs for Google yourself, however, check out our list of must-haves your website will need in order for your jobs to appear.

Download the free “Your Complete Google for Jobs Checklist” now to:

  • Find out the 3 main requirements for getting your jobs to appear in the Google job search tool
  • Get Google Jobs’ “recommended” tips that can help your jobs rank higher and maximize applicant traffic
  • See why setting up jobs pages correctly on your own is so complex and time-consuming
  • Discover how job postings on sites like Snag offer an easy, instant solution to optimize jobs for Google
Uncovering (and hiring) the underemployed
Uncovering (and hiring) the underemployed

It’s time for you to start recruiting the underemployed.

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