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Snagajob surveyed 2,000 hourly workers of all ages and backgrounds to learn more about why people come to work. We discovered what matters most to your employees and what keeps them engaged once they clock in. 2019 STATE OF THE HOURLY WORKER REPORT How to motivate the modern hourly worker "Progress is a necessity for me in my career and work life. Even if it's moving from $7 to $7.25 an hour." - Surveyed worker 5 % Other Benets workers want, but aren't getting: Who is the modern hourly worker? Check out our report to get more insights on what makes hourly workers stick around. Plus, discover how to keep your team motivated—it's not a one-size-fits-all approach. 64 % 36 % Working full-time (35+ hours) Working part-time Give the people what they want of Baby Boomers say they were most motivated by money when they took their job. of Gen Z workers say they would accept more responsibility as a reward. What workers really want when they go above and beyond: You gotta keep them motivated Career growth opportunities Create an environment where training is relevant and promotions are possible. Transportation reimbursement Be creative. Workers aren't just looking for conventional benefits. A financial reward A bonus or raise Special accommodations Flexible scheduling or reserved parking Public recognition Employee of the month 83 % 15 % 12 % Money is just the start. Money may get workers in the door, but you've gotta offer more than that to keep them. MILLENNIALS (25-39 years old) Gen Z (16-24 years old) Gen X (40-54 years old) BABY BOOMERS (55-75 years old) Download full report 15 % 15 % 5 % 26 % 39 %

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