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Find out how Snagajob can help you find the right hourly workers, faster. insights.snagajob.com Lasting job satisfaction starts at the beginning, before someone even becomes your employee. From the first job posting to the last day of training, the first few steps are a huge part of showing your new worker that they've found a great fit. How do you make sure you're doing it right? Here are four tips to follow to find workers who will love their jobs and be great representatives for your business: Set the right expectations If you only have a part-time opening, be up front about it. If you're hiring for a seasonal job only, make sure that's clear. Don't make promises you can't keep just to get someone in the door—that's the fastest way to make sure your newest employee will be the next one to turn in their resignation. Get to know the person in the interview Asking about past jobs and work experience are important, but people are individuals, and they like to be seen on a personal level. Find out about their volunteer experience and hobbies, too. They might have some secret skills you could put to good use in your business. Being able to bring their passions to work will keep them more engaged, too. Finding the right workers Today's hourly worker isn't one dimensional—there are a lot of motivations to consider. Check out our report More Than Money: Motivating the Modern Hourly Worker for more info on how to find, hire and retain great hourly workers. Have a current team member talk to them Invite one of your top workers to interview the candidate as well. This helps the potential new hire get a sense of the team they'll be on and your current employee can help you decide if it's a good fit. 60% of hourly workers tell us that coworkers have more impact on job satisfaction than anything else, so make sure it's a great match right from the start. Be honest in the job description Weird hours? Mopping, dusting and washing dishes included sometimes? Moving heavy boxes a key part of the job? Put it all in there—the good, the bad and they ugly. Your candidates will know what they're in for and there won't be any surprises or "you want me to do what?" moments. Plus, you can keep turnover down by being honest, especially with scheduling—20% of workers say they've quit a job because they didn't get the hours they wanted.

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