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Generational Differences

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Find out how Snagajob can help you find the right hourly workers, faster at www.snagajob.com Today's hourly workers come from a variety of backgrounds with different expectations for their jobs. From students working for the first time to retirees who don't plan on slowing down anytime soon, they aren't one size fits all. Meet the modern hourly worker What motivates them? The bottom line? They want some of the same things at the end of the day. Workers come from all walks of life 15 % 15 % 5 % 26 % 39 % Gen z Gen x Millennial Other Baby Boomer gen z 16–24 years old gen x 40–54 years old Millennials 25–39 years old baby boomers 55–75 years old Check out our report More Than Money: Motivating the Modern Hourly Worker for more info on how to find, hire and retain great hourly workers. Where do they find jobs? 28% 26% 45% 41% of Baby Boomers found their job in person by walking into the store of Gen Z relies on referrals, finding a job through an existing connection of Millennials found their job online of Gen X found their job online 83% of all hourly workers prefer a financial reward or bonus for a job well done but only 48% are getting that type of reward. 70% 70% of Baby Boomers took their hourly job to earn more money 36% 36% of Gen Z took their job to help gain experience and build their resume 56% 56% of Gen X reported making more money as the long-term goal for their job 49% 49% of Millennials were interested in promotion opportunities and career growth

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