Snagajob Launches A Complete Hiring and Staffing Solution for the Pandemic Rebound

May 22, 2020 Andrea Barger

Snagajob Launches A Complete Hiring and Staffing Solution for the Pandemic Rebound


20-year leader in hourly hiring unveils On Demand by Snagajob, an industry first, real time, virtual solution 


Richmond, VIRGINIA –  May 21 - Snagajob, the country’s largest marketplace for hourly jobs and shifts, today announced the release of its new platform, On Demand. This industry-first solution empowers businesses to adjust staffing needs in real-time in order to respond to fluctuating consumer demand. It enables rapid, push button hiring when and where businesses need new staff and seamlessly creates virtual hiring events to manage interviews in any way candidates are most comfortable.


As the U.S. takes steps to reopen, now is the time for businesses to prepare for the rebound. Employers from across the country have shared the challenges they face, including uncertainty, location variability, re-engagement of alumni and furloughed workers and worker safety. Snagajob built On Demand to address these unprecedented challenges.


“We’ve been on a mission to reinvent hourly hiring for the past two years and the pandemic highlights how critical it is to get this done -  for both hourly workers and their employers,” said Mathieu Stevenson, CEO of Snagajob. “Hiring has to evolve, and our On Demand offering is the answer for how people will want to work and hire both now and permanently going forward.”


There are three tools included in On Demand by Snagajob: 

  • Talent Pools provides flexibility and continuity to your team. Employers can easily fill every shift with workers they trust - current team members, furloughed workers and alumni or Snagajob’s experienced gig network. And workers will gain the opportunity to get more hours and the flexibility to control when they work. Employers simply load their database of workers onto the platform, invite them to engage and easily scale their teams to fill every shift as needed. By organizing and customizing multiple “worker pools,” workers are exposed to more employment opportunities and employers can respond to fluctuating customer demand in real-time, reducing the risks of overstaffing and the number of unfilled shifts. 
  • Performance Hiring delivers targeted, rapid push button hiring when and where you need it. By tapping into Snagajob’s 47 million engaged hourly workers, employers can focus recruiting efforts on priority locations and positions to maximize their budgets. With pre-built campaigns, it is easy to fill roles as needed based on demand, view real-time results and make adjustments as necessary; only paying for results. 
  • Virtual Hiring allows for tech-enabled virtual events to flexibly hire while engaging workers how they prefer. Connect with candidates safely and quickly at scale. This end-to-end hiring solution includes sourcing, screening, scheduling and interviewing, all within Snagajob’s platform. Snagajob is the only company that allows for video interviewing right within its platform, eliminating the need for extra technology. 

The hiring and staffing landscape has permanently changed. On Demand makes it easy to take a phased approach to hiring as markets reopen. This solution will not only save time and  money, but will also ensure businesses can react in real-time, safely get the qualified workers they need and adjust to the new normal post-pandemic and beyond.


On Demand by Snagajob is available today. To learn more visit:


About Snagajob 

Snagajob, the country's largest marketplace for hourly jobs and shifts, connects more than 47 million hourly job seekers with employment opportunities at 470,000 employer locations in the US. Snagajob's mission is to put people in the right-fit positions so they can maximize their potential and live more fulfilling lives. Through Snagajob, workers gain the flexibility of working when and where they choose while employers are assured every shift stays filled. For more information, visit or connect with us on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


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